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If you are concerned about identity theft, consider adding ** Norton Identity Advisor Plus: Should you become a victim of identity theft, we provide coverage for specific losses and expenses and our Identity Restoration Specialists are a phone call away

Medibank customer data released to the dark web

Medibank, one of Australia's largest private health insurers has confirmed 9.7 million customer data accessed in the recent data breach, and some already released to the dark web

A ransomware group has threatened to release Medibank customer data. Medibank confirms, they are aware that the criminal has released files on a dark web forum containing customer data that is believed to have been stolen from Medibank’s systems. 

This data includes personal data such as names, addresses, dates of birth, phone numbers, email addresses, Medicare numbers for ahm customers (not expiry dates), in some cases passport numbers for our international students (not expiry dates), and some health claims data. 

What happens if your personal information is exposed?

You may start receiving email scams, SMS scams and phishing links that could lead to financial loss and other severe consequences. Furthermore, your sensitive information may be illegally traded on the dark web. With this information, criminals could impersonate you, max out your credit cards, open fraudulent accounts with your details, take out a loan, rent an apartment, steal your frequent-flyer points or carry out other cybercriminal activities. Unfortunately, many people would have no idea what to do should their identity be stolen.

Help is available in the event of identity theft

Norton offers a comprehensive digital safety solution that helps protect your devices, online privacy and your identity. We monitor the Dark web and your Social media accounts around the clock to identify potential risks if detected and will alert you. Should you discover you’re a victim of identity theft, a dedicated restoration specialist will help guide you through the restoration process, and total coverage of up to $58K AUD for specific losses and expenses associated with identity theft. We are here to help every step of the way.

Discovered your identity has been stolen? Help from a dedicated Restoration Specialist is a call away.

If your identity is compromised, a dedicated Norton Identity Restoration Specialist can  help you.

They can:

  • Help you resolve disputes with merchants and other relevant parties, including credit card companies, financial institutions, government agencies or other official parties
  • Make phone calls with you
  • Assist you with paperwork you might have, from your matter's initiation to its resolution 
  • Help correct financial and credit records that have been altered as a result of identity theft 

What are the steps in the restoration process¹?

  1. File a request: You call our Restoration Specialist to advise us about the potential identity theft.
  2. Collect documentation: The Restoration Specialist will gather the information  to open a case and walk you through next steps. 
  3. Work with a third-party administrator: Our Restoration Specialist works with a third-party administrator to resolve your case. 
  4. Provide updates and verify closure: At least every 30 days, our Restoration Specialist provides you an update on the status of your case(s). If the fraud claim is resolved, we ensure that you receive a written confirmation or release letter. 

¹Steps may vary per restoration case.

Norton Identity Theft Insurance provides reimbursement cover and other losses and expenses associated with identity theft, including financial loss and legal fees. The individual cover limits add to a combined reimbursement cover up to A$58k: 

  • Up to $25k legal expense reimbursement
  • Up to $25k obligation to pay cover
  • Up to $3k for lost income
  • Up to $5k for miscellaneous expenses

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