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Norton Extras

Extra Benefits. No Additional Cost.

Norton Extras provides you with more services to ensure that you are safer online.

These exclusive benefits, valued at $193 AUD, are available at no additional cost as long as automatic renewal is active for your device security subscription. Terms below*

Norton Extras

Virus Protection Promise

Virus removal service

Virus Protection Promise includes a virus removal service provided by a Norton expert. In the unlikely event that we are unable to remove the virus from your PC, Mac, Android and/or iOS device, you will be entitled to a refund. Learn more.

Improve Your Computer Performance

Agents are just a phone call away

Your computer should run as smoothly as possible. Our Customer Service agents are just a phone call away to help ensure your protection is running optimally on your computer and provide a comprehensive, multi-point inspection designed to keep your aging Windows PC or Mac® running like new. An invitation will be sent to you as you get closer to your subscription’s renewal. Customer Care service can only be redeemed once a year.

100GB Extra Cloud Backup

Store more of the stuff you love

An extra 100GB of cloud backup storage secures more of your info from online threats, hard drive failures, and stolen devices.

Complementary Additional Services

Norton Genie

Free AI powered scam detector

Think your texts, emails, or social media messages are scams? Are the websites you’re visiting risky? Just ask Norton Genie and you’ll know instantly.

Norton Password Manager

Secure logins and more in your private, online vault

Use Safety Dashboard to help spot weaknesses in your passwords. Create new, hard-to-break passwords with one click with Password Generator. Update and save them easily.

Your vault automatically keeps logins sync'd across your devices. Access it quickly with Apple Touch ID®/Face ID® or Android Face & Fingerprint Unlock on your mobile devices.1

Secure. Smart. Simple.

Norton Secure Browser

Your free, more private browser

Browse, message, and shop in peace—while we help block online threats, ad trackers, and phishing attempts—with Norton Secure Browser: a free, more private browser that provides protection for your digital life.

These valuable features may also be included with your subscription.

Device Security

Device Security
Protection for PCs, Mac®, Android™, or iOS device.

Password Manager

Password Manager
Generate, store, and keep track of strong passwords for your online accounts.

PC Cloud Backup

PC Cloud Backup4
Store your personal files as a preventative measure against data loss.


To install, please have your registered email address and password available