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What is ransomware?
Dive into our comprehensive guide on ransomware to understand how these attacks work and crucial strategies to protect yourself and fight back.
January 19, 2024·4 min read
The importance of data back-up
Have you ever lost a lot of really important data? Or, alternately, have you ever had a moment of panic where you thought you did? Whether it's images of a family vacation, a report from work or a...
August 08, 2018·2 min read
What is a Deepfake Anyway?
If you’re worried that a photo or video may be a deepfake, there are some simple tell-tale signs.
May 02, 2022·2 min read

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What 2024 holds for the future of cybersecurity
Norton’s researchers released their 2024 cybersecurity predictions. See how AI is predicted to impact the landscape of cybersecurity.
December 12, 2023·8 min read
Privacy vs. security: What’s the difference?
Privacy is your right to control personal info, while security is how that info is protected. They're different, and understanding this helps in a connected world.
December 11, 2023·4 min read
How hackers hack credit cards
When you hear about a data breach in which millions of credit card numbers here is what usually happens.
December 05, 2023·2 min read
Your travel guide to public Wi-Fi, security and privacy
Public Wi-Fi can increase privacy and security risks. Learn how to protect yourself against cybercriminals when you’re traveling.
December 07, 2023·4 min read

Most popular in Device Security

December 05, 2022·4 min read
August 08, 2018·3 min read

Most popular in Device Security

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