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25 Mac security tips and settings

Your new Mac computer or iOS update means it’s a good time to think about security and privacy. Here’s how.

August 08, 2018·4 min read
7 risky behaviors you should stop right now

Here are seven risky online habits to put away today, along with tips on better ones that can help you stay safer when you connect.

October 05, 2020·4 min read
9 ways to help keep your personal data safe during vacation

Vacations can be an exciting, happy time for people to get away and avoid the everyday worries of home. But fun can come to a halt if your personal data is compromised while traveling.

August 08, 2018·2 min read
Are free VPNs safe? 7 things to know before using free VPNs

You might be tempted to sign up for a free VPN service. But are free VPNs safe to use? Learn more.

August 08, 2018·2 min read

ID Theft

5 steps for identity theft recovery

Identity crime is a threat in Australia, causing financial losses as well as personal toil. Here are 5 steps for identity theft recovery

December 05, 2022·4 min read
All about Medibank data breach, Identity theft possibilities and restoration help

If you are concerned about identity theft, consider adding ** Norton Identity Advisor Plus: Should you become a victim of identity theft, we provide coverage for specific losses and expenses and our Identity Restoration Specialists are a phone call away

August 08, 2018·2 min read
All about Optus data breach, Identity theft possibilities and restoration help

At Norton, we monitor the Dark web and your Social media accounts around the clock to identify potential risks if detected and will alert you. Should you discover you’re a victim of identity theft, a dedicated restoration specialist will help guide you through the restoration process

August 08, 2018·2 min read
How Australians can help prevent social media identity theft

If you're on social media, you could be at risk of identity theft. Social media monitoring is one way to help prevent identity theft. Learn more.

December 05, 2022·3 min read


How does a VPN work?

Using a virtual private network, or VPN, can help protect your online privacy and data. Here’s how.

August 08, 2018·2 min read
How do you keep your information safe when using free Wi-Fi hotspots?

Learn tips to avoid the dangers of free Wi-Fi by taking some easy steps to keep you secure

August 08, 2018·2 min read
Why hackers love public Wi-Fi

A free Wi-Fi connection in a public space can seem like a lifesaver when youre on the go. But if you decide to use public Wi-Fi, just be aware that you could be making yourself an easy target for...

August 08, 2018·2 min read

Kid's Safety

20 internet safety tips and checklist to help families stay safer online

Children today can access more information than any generation before. Because of the Internet they now have a wealth of information that can enrich their lives in new and wondrous ways. But the...

August 08, 2018·3 min read
20 relaxing games for a calmer 2021

Your ultimate guide to relaxing games, including their calming benefits and 20 video game recommendations that’ll help you find peace of mind.

January 29, 2021·2 min read
50-plus Twitch extensions every video gamer should know

An overview of Twitch extensions and some essential ones every gamer should know.

August 08, 2018·3 min read
5 ways to help protect your kids online, as more people are on lockdown

With more kids locked down at home, parents can help guide their children’s online exposure and behavior. Here’s how.

December 01, 2021·3 min read

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