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What is antivirus software? Antivirus definition

Antivirus software searches for known threats and monitors the behavior of all programs. It seeks to block or remove malware as quickly as possible. If you don’t have antivirus software installed, you could be at risk of picking up a virus.

September 01, 2022·2 min read
Spear phishing: A definition plus differences between phishing and spear phishing

Spear phishing is a targeted cyberattack toward a specific individual or organization with the end goal of receiving confidential information for fraudulent purposes

June 01, 2022·3 min read
What is Grayware?

Grayware can affect your device’s performance and compromise your security online, as well as being a nuisance.

May 12, 2022·4 min read
January Consumer Cyber Safety Pulse Report

What you need to know about Covid and Popular Shows scams, plus online tracking, and the 2021 year’s greatest hacks

January 25, 2022·2 min read
6 cybersecurity predictions for 2022 – from Norton Labs

Find out about the mobile phone scam now spreading around the globe, infecting phones and stealing data

December 08, 2021·2 min read
What is cyber security? What you need to know

Cyber security is the state or process of protecting networks, devices, and programs from any type of cyber attack. Cyber security starts with users having good cyber threat defense education.

August 09, 2018·4 min read
9 simple webcam security tips to deter hackers

You might have heard that hackers can access your webcam. In the age of the Internet of Things, that’s a pretty scary notion.

August 09, 2018·4 min read
IP spoofing: What is it and how does it work?

IP spoofing allows cybercriminals to infect your computer with malware, steal your sensitive data, and crash your server, often without detection.

August 09, 2018·3 min read
What Is A Computer Virus?

A computer virus, much like a flu virus, is designed to spread from host to host and has the ability to replicate itself. Similarly, in the same way that viruses cannot reproduce without a host cell, computer viruses…

August 08, 2018·2 min read
What is a Trojan?

Borrowed from the story of the wooden horse used to trick the defenders of Troy into sneaking soldiers into their city, a Trojan Horse hides malware in what appears to be a normal file.

August 08, 2018·4 min read
Android malware

The security argument between Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android system for smartphones is heating up yet again.

August 08, 2018·3 min read
Do Macs get viruses and malware?

Can a Mac get a virus? Yes, Apple’s computers can get viruses and malware just like PCs can.

August 08, 2018·3 min read
Virus FAQ

Are you a Norton customer who is facing a problem with malware? Use this page to get answers to frequently asked questions. My computer has a virus. How did this happen? Thousands of new viruses…

August 08, 2018·3 min read
OS X malware

Online threats to Macs have increased lately. The most recent one to make news, called “Crisis”, targets Mac users. Your risk of infection is probably very low, but here are some basic facts: “Crisis” is a Trojan that…

August 08, 2018·2 min read
Norton Mobile Security alerts and helps defend against FluBot

Find out about the mobile phone scam now spreading around the globe, infecting phones and stealing data

August 08, 2018·2 min read
Macro viruses

A macro virus is defined as “a computer virus written in the same macro language used for software applications, such as word processors.”

August 08, 2018·4 min read
How to remove malware from Android phones

Is my Android device infected by malware? How can I remove it? Here is some useful information that may help answer your questions.

August 08, 2018·2 min read
Malware 101: How do I get malware? Complex attacks

In other posts, we’ve explained the different types of malware on the threat landscape, and some of the less complicated ways your computer can become infected with malware. In this article we’ll talk about…

August 08, 2018·3 min read
Ransomware: 5 dos and don'ts

Guest Post By Kevin Haley, director, NortonLifeLock Security Response I despise all forms of bullying.Perhaps the one I hate most of all is where the bully takes a personal item, snatching it from you,...

August 08, 2018·3 min read
How Norton keeps you shaded from silent but deadly threats

On May 19th, 2014 Blackshades made news headlines when the FBI and Europol announced (link is external) that they had arrested dozens of individuals suspected of cybercriminal activity centered around the malware.

August 08, 2018·4 min read
What is a botnet?

The Internet is filled with threats to online security. Many of these threats are just productive, positive technologies turned to evil use. The botnet is an example of using good technologies for bad intentions.

August 08, 2018·4 min read
What are malicious websites?

Most people don't know that you don’t have to intentionally download a malicious attachment to compromise your computer’s security.

August 07, 2018·3 min read

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