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What is cyber security? What you need to know

Cyber security is the state or process of protecting networks, devices, and programs from any type of cyber attack. Cyber security starts with users having good cyber threat defense education.
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Published: December 08, 2021 ·2 min read
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How to get rid of iPhone viruses
If you have a virus on your iPhone, there are easy ways to get rid of it. Find out how to remove iPhone viruses here.
Published: June 17, 2024 ·6 min read
Trojan viruses: Detecting and removing
Help protect your device against Trojan viruses. Learn effective ways and essential tips to defend against malware and other threats.
Published: May 08, 2024 ·6 min read
Famous computer viruses: A historical look at notable cyberthreats
Learn about the most famous computer viruses and their impact, including examples and the history of these cyberthreats.
Published: March 22, 2024 ·6 min read
What is ransomware?
Dive into our comprehensive guide on ransomware to understand how these attacks work and crucial strategies to protect yourself and fight back.
Published: January 19, 2024 ·4 min read

Online Scams

Help protect yourself from scams on Facebook Marketplace
There are scammers pretending to sell and buy across digital marketplaces. Learn how to spot common Facebook Marketplace scams so you can avoid them.
Published: June 17, 2024 ·9 min read
Clone phishing: What it is and how to prevent it
Clone phishing is a technique that scammers use to steal your information. Our guide describes how it works, gives examples, and teaches you how to prevent it.
Updated: March 23, 2024 ·10 min read
Romance scams in 2024: What you need to know + online dating scam statistics
Romance scams are continually evolving. To learn more about them, pore over these online dating scam statistics, plus tips to help you stay safe in 2023.
Published: January 31, 2024 ·2 min read
18 Facebook Marketplace scams to avoid in 2024
Learn about the most common Facebook Marketplaces scams to avoid in 2024 and how to protect yourself from getting scammed on Facebook.
Published: January 24, 2024 ·15 min

Emerging Threats

What 2024 holds for the future of cybersecurity
Norton’s researchers released their 2024 cybersecurity predictions. See how AI is predicted to impact the landscape of cybersecurity.
Published: December 12, 2023 ·8 min read
Deep web vs. dark web: What’s the difference?
What’s the difference between the deep web vs. the dark web? Get an overview of they work and tips on surfing the deep web and dark web.
Published: September 01, 2023 ·4 min read
April Consumer Cyber Safety Pulse Report
What you need to know about deepfakes, romance scams, and crypto scams. Plus, some of the latest phishing pages we have caught.
Published: May 09, 2022 ·3 min read
What is a Deepfake Anyway?
If you’re worried that a photo or video may be a deepfake, there are some simple tell-tale signs.
Published: May 02, 2022 ·2 min read

How To

How to delete or deactivate your Facebook account: Step-by-step guide
Learn how to delete or deactivate your Facebook account from your computer or phone with this guide.
Published: June 14, 2024 ·5 min 10 sec read
How to prevent computer viruses: Expert tips
Computer viruses are bad news for your device and online security. Discover practical tips on how to prevent computer viruses and other online threats.
Published: May 14, 2024 ·4 mins 40 sec
Clean PC: In-depth hardware & software cleaning guide
Discover effective methods and step-by-step instructions to clean your PC for improved performance and longevity. Learn more!
Published: April 30, 2024 ·7 min 40 sec read
How to clear cache and cookies in your browser
Clearing your cache can help fix loading, formatting, and other issues on sites. Read our guide to find out how to clear your cache.
Published: March 21, 2024 ·6 min 25 sec read

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